Vision & mission

Our Vision is to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of tailor engineered process solutions, meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers, based on the combination of our strengths and expertise on the markets we are working on.

Our Mission is to grow in a sustainable way and build long term relationships with both our customers and all the stakeholders based on respect.

We want to develop Jointsteel Process Technologies into a leading engineered solutions provider, servicing customers around the globe, supported on strong Engineering and Manufacturing competences.  

Jointsteel develops durable, reliable and cost effective solutions for our customers. We have an enthusiastic and determined team of people driven by a passion to design and continuously improve, manufacture and install the solutions that meet and exceed the needs of our customers. 

SAFETY – "ZERO accidents" We work to eliminate or minimize the risks to people which may result from the development of the products or activities. NO SITUATION OR EMERGENCY CAN JUSTIFY PUT IN RISK THE SAFETY OF ANYONE.

We are absolutely committed to respect the requirements of our customers, we assure the highest standards of quality with a simple goal: keep our customers satisfied.

We perform dedicated and continuous monitoring of each project with its own methodology, we work to mitigate risks of deviation on the agreed planning with the costumer.